About Me

Vanessa Rowlett, Licensed Esthetician 

Student at 1200 Hour Master Esthetician Program at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

Team member in the student category of Team EC for the 2018 Skin Games!

ExPurtise will be the sponsor and skincare line I will promote for the Skin Games.

Student Member of ASCP.

My skincare philosophy is a balance between the natural, holistic health and wellness side and the results driven, medical esthetics arena. I understand and see the need for skincare products and modalities that are both effective and safe for the skin and body systems. There are a lot of chemically laden and fragranced products out there that undermine any efficacy to be found in their products, and there are a lot of organic products out there that lack proven ingredients like stable Vitamin C, Retinols and Peptides. What is absorbed by the skin impacts the body on a chemical level so it is both important and imperative that the skin care industry examine its ingredients and standards to ensure safe and effective products. That is why I am proud to be working with Expurtise, a skincare line that meets that niche between healthy but effective ingredients to produce results.